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DermaRad Relief Bundle Includes:

• 1 Gentle Foaming Cleanser 5oz bottle
• 4 Topical Rehydrating Emulsion 3oz tubes
• 1 Calming Serum 1.7oz bottle

This bundle contains all of the DermaRad Relief products which have been designed to work together to provide the most gentle and effective solution for maintain a healthy, moisturized complexion. Soothe your skin and reduce dryness, rough texture and redness with the daily use of these products.

DermaRad Relief Topical Emulsion is effective in delivering high levels of moisturization to help reduce dryness and redness. For maximum effectiveness the product should be used as instructed. Because it is so gentle, it can and should, be used as often as needed to keep the skin moisturized.

DermaRad Relief Calming Serum is a cosmetic silicone based serum that contains NO emulsifying agents, which can sting when applied to extremely dry or damaged skin. This serum contains 3 skin friendly oils to keep skin moisturized and hydrated. It can be used without discomfort on even the most sensitive skin.

DermaRad Relief Gentle Foaming Cleanser is the only cleanser that should be used on skin that has the appearance of extreme dryness, roughness and redness. Unlike other cleanser that contain harsh alkali based cleansing agents or lauryl sulfates which can damage the skin and cause more dryness, this Foaming Cleanser contains 2 very gentle surfactants that clean without drying out the skin. In addition, the cleanser is pH balanced to 7 which is much closer to the skin’s own pH than the pH of 10 or 11 which is typical of most soaps and cleansers. Finally, the cleanser dispenses as a foam which can be spread gently on the skin without rubbing.