DermaRad Relief is a topical rehydrating emulsion that has been specifically designed to address the unique skin care needs of cancer patients. The types of treatments cancer patients must undergo, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, cause cosmetic appearance changes, including extreme dryness and redness. These patients not only need extra moisturization to keep their skin hydrated, but they also need a skin care product that is extremely gentle and non-irritating. Up to now, the most commonly used skin care products recommended for cancer patients have been those with high levels of petrolatum. While excellent in preventing moisture loss from damaged skin, these products have the undesirable effect of being extremely “greasy feeling”, “tacky” and, moreover, they stick to clothing.

DermaRad Relief Uses Gentle Moisturizers to Soothe Dry Skin

DermaRad Relief was developed as a result of an extensive skin biochemistry research program at a major medical school. Based on that research a novel formulation was developed to meet the following criteria:

  • The formulation had to be extremely moisturizing yet gentle, non-sensitizing, and non-irritating.
  • The formulations had to be compatible with any skin type .
  • The formulation had to be designed to help hydrate the skin and prevent excess water loss without being “greasy” feeling or “sticky”.
  • It had to be clinically shown to improve skin appearance by reducing dryness and redness.

Clinical Results

DermaRad Relief was designed to meet all of these formulation criteria. By combining a proprietary blend of skin friendly moisturizing oils, humectants and a potent, patented natural antioxidant, DermaRad Relief successfully fulfilled all of the formulation requirements needed to provide a superior skin care product for cancer patients with challenging cosmetic skin appearance problems. In addition to Vitamin E, this moisturizing lotion contains a unique, botanically derived antioxidant, 4-propyl guaiacol, that, like other antioxidants, has the ability to bind and inactivate free radicals that can damage the skin. DermaRad Relief is so gentle to damaged skin that it can be used as often as needed to maintain skin moisture.

In a small clinical study, this unique moisturizing, antioxidant-rich formulation was found to reduce redness, dryness and improve overall skin appearance. And the benefits of the product were found to be long-lasting. The clinical investigator who ran the small study evaluated the appearance of the skin of one of the subjects one month after the study had ended and one month after the use of DermaRad Relief Rehydrating Emulsion was discontinued. Using close- up photography of the skin, the investigator concluded that even after one month without using the product, the appearance of the subject’s skin was excellent, with no dryness, redness or rough texture. Her concluding remark was: “This is truly amazing” (Dr. ZD).


In a larger study, conducted with cancer patients who used DermaRad Relief as their ONLY moisturizer throughout their radiation treatment, the results showed that this product was preferred by over 90% of all patients. The clinical results from the study are shown below. 

As the results show, DermaRad Relief is the ideal choice for use by cancer patients who need a very gentle, yet deeply moisturizing and calming lotion to help minimize the unique cosmetic skin problems caused by their treatments.