Therametics products are specifically designed to improve the appearance of aging and problem skin. Unlike most skin care products that contain "off-the-shelf" ingredients, Therametics products contain the company's patented Therosol® technology that is exclusive to Therametics and unavailable elsewhere.

Therametics: A Different Kind of Skin Care Company

  • Therametics scientists use a state-of-the-art screening program to discover novel, plant-derived “phytomodifiers®” that have a beneficial effect on skin.
  • Therametics products contain the company’s proprietary and patented technology that cannot be found in any other skin care products.
  • Each Therametics product is formulated with skin penetration technology to ensure that each bioactive ingredient moves easily and efficiently across the skin's surface to maximize benefits.
  • The unique formulation design provides visible improvement in skin appearance in days, not months.

All proprietary ingredients in Therametics products are 99.8% pure. No crude plant “extracts” containing hundreds of unknown chemicals, that can cause skin sensitization, are ever used.